New Melty coming this Friday?

Ahoy there! Seemingly perfectly timed after my last post I return today with some possibly great news coming in from Instagram where Buff Monster has been sharing some shots from inside his studio detailing a new Mister Melty sofubi! In black! 


This new colourway looks superb if a bit spooky, just in time for Halloween I suppose! Accompanied by the simple caption, “New friends this Friday.” there’s not much else to say, no word on pricing as yet, and it’s unlikely that they’ll be available for long as the last colourway went almost instantaneously. You can see his Instagram post here, but other than that there’s not much left to say. Looks like I’m going to be spending all Friday online though…. Yay!


Spotlight on… Mister Melty by Buff Monster!

Hola! And welcome to a new type of article on PtZ, spotlight! In spotlight I aim to focus on one particular toy or series from my collection and look back at what’s been, what’s here and what might be coming soon. This isn’t a review, just me sharing what I love and hopefully introducing you to something new. As a special introductory spotlight I thought I’d introduce you to Mister Melty, one of my favourites in my collection, so without further waffle (haha) let’s commence!

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Hollywood Skullyz by Tabloid Hero Review!

I’m always on the look out, perched atop my crow’s nest, scouring the seas for fine booty and when I discovered Hollywood Skullyz I thought I’d hit upon a new jewel for me treasure trove. Designed by Tabloid Hero, Hollywood Skullyz are a vinyl toy promising some pretty great things: Cool colourways, supposed customisability and snazzy box art all go to making up the Hollywood Skullyz package, something their makers would claim make them unique in the market. The Skullyz aren’t new by any means, hailing from all the way back in 2012 (before I was collecting toys properly), and I must admit that they had sailed past my spyglass upon first release. However, when surfing the seas over at Collect&Display, as I’m known to do, I discovered the Skullyz perched on their digital shelves, fresh as they were new. I saw the cool art (and super cheap price) and knew I had to have them so I put an order in and next thing you know here we are. So let’s take a look at these old dudes and see if we can’t figure out what’s what… Continue reading

Micro Anatomic is here!

Ahoy! Prior to me previous post about the release of Jason Freeny’s much coveted Micro Anatomic it is finally here! Yarr! I’ve already got mine preordered and you can too. You can buy direct from Mighty Jaxx (just click right there <) or UK buyers may prefer to get there’s from the fine crew over at Collect and Display, here: Micro Anatomic.

Since there’s three colour options you may be struggling to pick which you like best, personally I’ve ordered all three!

If you’re so inclined to buy direct Mighty Jaxx are offering a free pin badge for the first 50 orders as an added incentive (as if you needed one!)

Other than that all I can say is this: I you like them get one NOW; there’s a chance they’ll stick around, but there’s a bigger chance they’ll be gone before you know it! The time to buy it is always the time you see it so get in now to avoid disappointment! You can look forward to a review as soon as I receive mine. Hooray!

First Review! Andrew Bell x Kidrobot Pyramidun!

Today a mysterious package awaited me when I rolled out of bed and I knew instantly what it was, for a just a few days earlier I ordered myself some booty from, my first purchase from the fine crew over there. I figured this would be a perfect opportunity to get my first blog review under my belt. In the package was a number of goodies I’d ordered myself, but prominently perched staring at me as I opened the box were the subject of this particular review: my two Pyramiduns from Kidrobot. Continue reading

Good News! Micro Anatomic is nearly here!

Good News for fans of Lego, Mighty Jaxx, Jason Freeny, skeletons, great toys or all of the above! Mighty Jaxx announced yesterday that Freeny’s most requested piece, Micro Anatomic, will be available worldwide from the 19th of September. That’s just 48hrs to save up your doubloons! 

If you want to know more you can always visit Mighty Jaxx here:

Otherwise you can expect to see a review of the much coveted figure coming soon, once I get my claws on one! Yarr!