First Review! Andrew Bell x Kidrobot Pyramidun!

Today a mysterious package awaited me when I rolled out of bed and I knew instantly what it was, for a just a few days earlier I ordered myself some booty from, my first purchase from the fine crew over there. I figured this would be a perfect opportunity to get my first blog review under my belt. In the package was a number of goodies I’d ordered myself, but prominently perched staring at me as I opened the box were the subject of this particular review: my two Pyramiduns from Kidrobot.

Box Opening
Box Opening

(Under the Pyramidun and peanuts (note to self: tasty sandwich combo?) is the subject of another coming blog post but for now, let’s get to the point (no pun intended)- the Pyramidun!)

When I first saw the Pyramidun online, I was immediately impressed- there was instantly something different and interesting about these weird little monstrosities, perhaps it’s the shape, perhaps it’s the lack of dunny ears but I knew that they’d be an instant addition to my collection. I didn’t jump straight away, it took me a while before I actually ordered a pair, but now they’re finally in my greasy clutches I thought I’d share my thoughts, so here goes:

The Box

Box shot
Box shot

The Pyramidun packaging is immediately recognisable as something different. Featuring a striking multi-faceted design alluding to the box’s contents, the art is instantly recognisable as the work of Andrew Bell- the skull face alone is near-identical to the fizzog of the Infected Androids Bell created a while back.

Infected Android (courtesy:
Infected Android

Distinctly styled, the boxes would make lovely display companions to the toys themselves, but due to the nature of Kidrobot’s packaging design they can’t be effectively resealed, making displaying them that little bit harder.

The Toys

Alternate faces
Alternate faces

But who cares what the boxes are like? I know what you’re shouting: What are the toys actually like? Well They’re okay. In essence they are a standard dunny body and arms with the newly designed Pyramidun head affixed. As you can see, the pyramid head is segmented into three rotating layers, the idea being that you can created any dunny look you choose- however, the reality isn’t so customisable. The head is affixed at the base so tightly I cannot figure out whether it is meant to rotate at the neck or not- all my efforts to move the bottom layer have proved futile and I’m afraid if I apply more force I’ll snap the head clean off. This, in effect, means only the top two layers are movable somewhat limiting the intended customisability.

Look closely and you'll see the layers.
Look closely and you’ll see the layers.

In terms of build quality, well they’re typical Kidrobot high quality- there’s a few minor imperfections in the transfer, but they’re essentially good quality toys. The let down is the fact that the pyramid heads aren’t actually vinyl- they’re plastic. I assume moulding vinyl to have such crisp edges would be more difficult as it is a naturally softer material, but the plastic heads just don’t scream quality, especially with a fairly prominent split line on the underside.

Another concern I have about the Pyramidun is their size. While not actually any smaller than a standard dunny, the lack of prominent ears and the tapering head makes the Pyramidun appear on the dwarven side, even when compared to its regular dunny brethren. This can make displaying the toys more difficult as they don’t really fill any gaps on a shelf and can leave your display looking on the spartan side. As a result I felt slightly let down that the space I had allocated them in my collection made them appear miniscule and out of place. I’d personally liked to have seen them scaled up by 10 or 20% in order to effectively compete for attention, or even the release of an 8″ version which could serve as a prominent backdrop for the two 3 inch-ers.


Collectibility on the Pyramidun is excellent, I’d say. As far as I’m concerned they are in possession of a number of traits that make them a perfect addition to any collection: they’re small, they look good, they have the name of a prominent and collectible designer behind them and they’re cheap. £20 will get you a full set- no worrying about chases, variants, 8″ or 20″ versions to track down- and that is great for anyone just starting a collection or for someone looking to bolster a collection without wanting to start an ongoing series. These are very much a “one-and-done” collectible and should definitely be in your collection if you’re looking for a quick and easy fix.

Lasting Appeal

The lasting appeal of this design is one area I’m not so sure of. Yes, they look good, but even less than an hour after I first laid hands on them they’ve already been relegated once. I initially had a space laid out for them in my main collection display, but the diminutive size and subdued colours just don’t pop for me so I moved them to my manga bookshelf, where they look less dwarfed. However, I’d say if you have a large collection I think it’s unlike they’ll have a prominent place for long. Even if you’re a specialist collector of Bell’s work I reckon the singularity of this design would look so different, and perhaps even out of place, in context that they probably won’t be given pride of place for long…

Relegated to the book shelf…

“Should I Buy Them?”- Final Thoughts

I’m slightly sad on this one actually. As I draw my first ever review to a close I had hoped to end on an unequivocal and resounding opinion- a straight yes or no. But unfortunately for me the Pyramidun is so hit or miss that I can’t decide either way- it depends what type of collection you have. New collectors, those strapped for cash and Bell aficionados will definitely be attracted to the Pyramidun, and for those groups I’d say there are many worse toys you can buy before these. However, for those with and already sizeable collection I’d venture to say you won’t lose any sleep if you don’t pick these up. It’s likely that they will disappear when added to an already bounteous display cabinet.

And that’s it, I’ve offered all I have to offer. Do you have a pair of Pyramidun? Has this review helped you make your mind up? Do you agree or disagree? Please leave comments if you enjoyed this article, and I hope to bring you more like this in the fullness of time, but for now there’s nothing left to do but to conclude my first review, and I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce my very own arbitrary and piratical rating system and declare the Pyramidun deserving of a rating of 3.5/5 st-arrrrs.


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