Spotlight on… Mister Melty by Buff Monster!

Hola! And welcome to a new type of article on PtZ, spotlight! In spotlight I aim to focus on one particular toy or series from my collection and look back at what’s been, what’s here and what might be coming soon. This isn’t a review, just me sharing what I love and hopefully introducing you to something new. As a special introductory spotlight I thought I’d introduce you to Mister Melty, one of my favourites in my collection, so without further waffle (haha) let’s commence!

I first discovered Mister Melty earlier this year when my perennial enablers Collect&Display got in their possession some GID Mister Melty Sofubi toys. Instantly I saw a level of quality and stand-out uniqueness that had to be bought. It just so happened that at that time C&D were running a competition to review their site with the best review winning a £100 voucher. It coincided that I was just lucky enough to win that competition and amongst my winnings-bought spoils were two GID Meltys.

Joy abounded at my new quarry and an obsession was born…

A Melty menage-á-troi! Well, troi.5…

Let me first just say, these toys are phenomenal- a real treat (pardon the pun)! Being hand painted by Buff makes them so much more prestigious as every Melty will be delectably unique! As you can see, Mister Melty displays incredibly and looks great in a well curated collection- you don’t need many Meltys to make an impact.

We be glowin’!

Hand-made in Japan, with a positively radioactive glow, GID Melty in particular is more than enough to get anyone hooked, but be careful, as there’s a LOT of Melty merchandise out there: Melty heads, Melty trading cards, Melty posters, Melty t-shirts, Melty resin “cheap toys”, even wooden cut-outs. There’s nothing a budding Melty fan can’t be sure is out there, but here’s the thing, it’s all super hard to get.

However, if you’re lucky enough (and flush enough) you might be in the right place at the right time and get the opportunity to purchase one of these fabled vinyl mythicorns direct from source- something I was lucky enough to be when Buff released his, as far as I know, one-of-a-kind resin/sofubi hybrid! With two faces and two materials its twice the fun, squared! Totally hand-painted and totally unique just how cool is this thing?


Batch produced in small numbers, all the Melty merchandise is highly sought after, and quite rightly so! Buff Monster is a super talented and instantly recognisable artist and I’d be surprised if his work isn’t commanding real premiums in a few years… But wait, what am I saying? It already is commanding premiums! Want a Mister Melty/ Hello Kitty hybrid? You’re looking at £130* before shipping, duties and taxes! Mister Melty/ Sucklord creation? £190*. The holy grail? How about the rainbow sofubi, exclusive to the Mister Melty Kickstarter- I can’t comment on price because I’ve never seen one for sale and, honestly, that’s the one I want. I mean it. If you have one for sale, let me know! And if you see one on eBay you better be prepared to fight me for it!

The Melty Grail!

Yes there’s some real rarities in the Mister Melty mythos and that’s part of what makes them so great! With the purchase of a Mister Melty, if your lucky enough to get one, you will find a unique sense of joy. You feel special, they’re that rare, and they will instantly become the centre of you collection. And that’s not all: something special I’ve found about Mister Melty is that no matter how few Meltys you have in your collection they will instantly become a focus, and I can’t pinpoint why. Something about them is just so arresting. Really you owe it to yourself to check out Mister Melty but prepare to covet because while there’s plenty out there somewhere, good luck getting them off people like me!

You owe it to yourself to check out Mister Melty, but prepare to covet!

There were Meltys before GID, and there will be more coming soon, I’m sure, but for me these few toys, these mastercrafted trinkets of desire are the absolute highlight of my collection. I wish they came up for sale more often- I wish I could find them all, but that’s part of the fun. A select few people from my generation may remember the frustration of catching a certain few Pokémon: Dragonite, Mewtwo, Articuno, certain white whale creatures that became the focus of our existence for a few weeks and that, in collecting terms, is where those few Meltys I’m missing sit in my consciousness; my Dragonite, my Moby Dick, something I’ll probably never find, but won’t stop looking for…

(But… Here’s a secret tip, if you want to get your hands on a Melty C&D just so happen to have a few GIDs left in stock… There’s the standard and the zombie. Shhh…. Just buy them, now’s your chance!)

And that’s where I leave spotlight. No opinions, just sharing my love and showing you some highlights from my collection. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I have, in fact if you did leave a comment or follow my blog for more spotlights! Next time: Oi! Cthulhu

*prices are from auctions on eBay, accurate at the time of writing, converted to GBP from USD and rounded to the nearest £10 (to avoid annoying exchange rate fluctuations).


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