News- Lego 2016 sets leaked including Batman v Superman!

After a brief hiatus I’m back with news coming in courtesy of the wonderful crew over at The Brick Fan– several members on Eurobricks report stock images of sets from the 2016 line up surfacing on the Lego servers! It’s likely they won’t stay up long so head on over to TBF to see the full line up!

You may be thinking, however, “aren’t you just copying and pasting/sharing news from elsewhere?” (a.k.a Buzzfeeding?) Well, the answer is “not quite”. I’m not here to report on what you can find elsewhere, I wish to draw your attention to, and speculate on, one set in particular… Batman v Superman!


 If I had to guess, I’d speculate that this will just be one set in a range of movie tie-ins as, at first glance, it seems a bit small to be a standalone set (although Ant-Man only got one set and it wasn’t much bigger…). Sadly,the image is a bit on the small side too, but just look at that bat armour- so chunky! There’s so much else to like about this set as well, I mean check out Superman’s shredded suit, the bat-signal and that grappling gun straight out of Lego Batman! There’s a lot of Lego leaked in this recent discovery, but for me this has to be the stand out set, and considering the fact that there’s clearly an active and ongoing licensing agreement I’d be incredibly surprised if 2016 didn’t herald a full cohort of Batman v Superman Lego. Maybe even a Technics Batfleck-mobile (here’s hoping)!

As I’ve said, you can go here to read the full article and see all the upcoming sets (at least all those that’ve leaked) or check out Eurobricks to keep your finger on the pulse. I just had to share this particular set.

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Update: all the images of Lego’s leaked 2016 sets have been removed from the original posts and, while I’ve been a little tardy in doing so, I feel I should follow suit. It’s obvious Lego don’t want them shared prematurely so now we’ve all had a glimpse it’s time to settle back in and do some good old fashioned waiting. If you didn’t get to see the images of the leaked sets, well, you’re in for a treat but I thought it better to be responsible and remove the image I posted now rather than wait for a cease and desist to fall into my inbox. Here’s looking forward to 2016!


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