News- Abominable Snow Cone by Jason Limon x Martian Toys Available for Pre-Order!

Ahoy! I bring more new news in the form of a confirmed sighting of a truly mythical beastie. That’s right, The Abominable Snow Cone has been spotted! I know you didn’t believe in him, I mean a 20ft snow cone? No way, right? Wrong! Because the fine crew over at Martian Toys have shrunk the timorous treat down to a 7-1/4″ vinyl form for our delectation. Yum!

Image courtesy of

Based on artwork by Jason Limon, the Abominable Snow Cone is available in blueberry and cherry colourways and, if ordered direct from Martian Toys, is available with complementary wood prints and in various set configurations. It’s also available at Collect&Display, as most good things are. Availability right now is as a pre-order, but Martian have said there will be multiple opportunities to get them at upcoming shows.

available accompanying prints, again from

Personally, I love this piece. From the original artwork to the positively glacial translucent vinyl “snow” everything about it screams quality and I’m 99% sure it’ll be a desirable piece that not many people will have. For me the best deal has to be the cherry/print combo available direct from Martian Toys, at least that’s my favourite one, but at $160 (£103) before shipping/taxes or £95 for just the figure here in the UK the Abominable Snow Cone isn’t cheap. While I could technically afford to order mine now I’m going to hold off a bit until they’re in stock in the UK as I can’t quite decide if I should order one. I could, and I definitely want to but I’m not sure if I should, you know? We’ll wait and see. But if you can’t wait you know where to go!

If you liked this feel free to like this post or comment and, as always, check back again soon for more like this! Now Avast Ye, I have toys to drool over!


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