Yarr, Spooky Halloween News-  Collect&Display Halloween 3.5″ Hugo & 1″ Geoff!

Avast Ye, me scurvy buggers and bask on the poopdeck in Halloween’s orangey glow with me! Yes, tis the season to be spooky and Collect&Display arrrr getting us in the mood with a special release of their mascot Hugo in 3.5″ resin form. This is the first 3.5″ incarnation of Hugo and comes complete with complementary Geoff pumpkin!

Designed by JC Rivera and crafted by Evan Morgan this 3.5″ Hugo is a pretty awesome little edition, looking resplendent in his tangerine form. Admittedly, this edition of Hugo isn’t quite as accomplished and well modelled as C&D’s 6″ version by Creo Designs, but I still think this edition is an awesome little Halloween treat, and I’ll sure be getting one. Well, if I can since there’s only 30 being made.

And that’s it, there’s not much more to say, really- I just had to share this little beauty. Recently C&D have been getting some awesome branded merch (like this awesome flatbill) and long may it continue, I say. As far as I’m concerned C&D remain the zenith of perfect curation and service and these new exclusives are sure to usher an age of amazing C&D booty. I couldn’t be happier to report this release and all if you need to do that if you want one is go here: Halloween Hugo.

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