eBay Finds: Part 1- 2012 Dunny by Kronk!

Sometimes collecting can be a pain in the wooden leg. Really. You know what’s out there and you know you need it for your collection but you can’t find it! But where do you go? Due to the very limited nature of designer toys the best stuff is always the rarest- you can’t just go to a car boot sale and pick this stuff up as it wasn’t mass produced like a lot of toys in the 90s and earlier. So where do you go? Who ya gonna call? No, not them- you get on eBay!

Most of the time there’ll be someone, somewhere selling off something good. Yes, you have to traverse the sellers asking way over the odds for something cack but occasionally you’ll find something awesome, and that’s what I want to share here! This first instalment: Kronk 2012 Dunny!

Well, hello there.

Released in 2012, as part of the Dunny 2012 series (I know, you’d never have guessed, right?) this Dunny was the número uno chase in the set. At 1/160 rarity finding one of these was the collector’s dream and although I never actually collected any Dunnys in the 2012 series, let alone needed this chase, when I saw one crop up on eBay located in the UK I couldn’t resist!

It was expensive. At around £41 with shipping it’s easily the most expensive 3″ toy I’ve ever bought, but boy does this thing live up to expectation. While some Dunnys came with accessories or extra stuff you’d be forgiven for being disappointed that such a rare piece comes with nothing except an art card. In reality, however, I reckon it’s simplicity actually belies its quality. Almost every Dunny I’ve had (with the exception of 8″+) has had some noticeable flaw either in fit or finish. Except this one. And while technically not having any accessories, the addition of heart shaped wings on the back add another level of flair that I’ve not seen with another Dunny- subtle but unique.

I think she’s wing-king at me…

The art on this Dunny is part of what makes it so special, too. Kronk certainly has an inimitable style and there’s not many Dunnys that have the same aesthetic pull as this one. Combined with the 8″ Madam Mayhem Dunny it makes one heck of a little set and you’d really be hard pushed to find something as special.

A perfect pair.

And that’s it, really. I’m not going to spend too much time waffling on, the whole idea of his article was just to share something cool I found on eBay. I’m always scouring the toy category over there so I’m sure I’ll be back with more eBay finds very soon (I already have a couple lined up as long as I don’t get outbid) but in the meantime if you liked this hit like or leave a comment with your favourite eBay conquest! Until next time though, see yarrrr later!


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