News- Kidrobot’s Halloween Haul 2015


Did I scare you? No? I didn’t think so. I’m not very good at tricks, but if you’re looking for a treat instead of a trick you can check our Kidrobot’s new range of Halloween goodies! Yes, coincident with the forthcoming release of Brandt Peters’ “The 13” Dunny series, KR have released some pretty sweet Dunny, Labbit and DIY Munny masks to make choosing your costume this year that much easier.
I’ve not seen anything quite like this before, especially from Kidrobot, but if you’re planning on buying into “The 13” then these masks, particularly the Brandt Peters Dunny masks ( the Labbits are by Kozik) will make an excellent addition to a collection- no one’s saying you actually have to wear them this Halloween!

I think these are awesome and it’s great to see a variety of products on offer from Kidrobot. I feel as if they’ve been a little lazy in the last couple of years but I genuinely think 2015 has been strong for them and with the release of these, “The 13” and loads of other good stuff on the way they’re really powering to the finish. Personally I’d love to get my hooks on the Peters Pumpkin Dunny mask, but as yet I haven’t seen any availability in the UK and believe they are only available direct from KR. That being said, if you want one for Halloween, especially if you aren’t located in CONUS, I’d order right now! I don’t think I’ll be ordering one as I’ve already ordered my treat in the form of a Halloween Hugo from Collect&Display, but I know I’ll regret that in time and can sure recommend you get one while you can!

Anyway, that’s it for now. Kidrobot have quite a few awesome new products out; I’ll probably be posting more news very soon but it’s likely I’ll only be able to cover the products that catch my fancy since there’s just so many! Check back again soon for more, I’m aiming to post every day so I’ll most definitely have more tomorrow and, as ever, hit like if you like this, follow me for more and tell your friends, neighbours, dog and friendly neighbourhood spider-man all about it! 
Images via Kidrobot


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