Christmas 2015: A Toy Lover’s Gift Guide

Ahoy! There’s a little more than a month until that magic day where we all get stuff we didn’t pay for from people we sort of like and I figured what if you sort of like, or maybe even love, a toy crazed loony like me! Do you know what you’d get them? Maybe you’re a fellow loony yourself looking to get a Crimbo treat for your own satisfaction, or perhaps your looking to give the gift of toy-itis (formerly toy-mania) to someone you love this Christmas. Well look no further, for I have compiled this handy gift guide for the toy buying gift-giver to ensure all your loves ones will be grinning like a Ron English Dunny!

Before I begin I’d like to just say that I’ve been compiling this guide since September, so while I endeavour to make all facts and prices as accurate as possible all prices and availability are UK based and subject to change with demand. Anyway, small print aside, let’s get to the guide! I’ve broken it up into four handy price brackets so you can skip straight to the amount you love someone!

Under £10

1. Designer Toy Display Cases by Andrew Bell €2.95-8.50 (£2.18-£6.27)


Available individually or in packs of three, these clear display cases are a must for any collector and are a fantastic stocking filler for your most cherished toy pirate. An interlocking design as well as UV filtering plastic ensure your figures up to 3.5″ tall will be safe and sound for years to come. You can get get them here for packs of three, or here individually.

2. 3″ Android DIY Edition £7


Give the gift of creativity this Christmas with a DIY Android. Great for Android users, creative sorts or someone looking to give a truly unique gift, you can customise this little bot with sharpies, paint or sprays before giving to pass on a truly personal present or leave it blank and let your loved one decorate however they want. Combine a DIY Android with some craft materials for a perfect present for the creative (big or small) kiddo in your life. Get one here.

3. Funko Mystery Minis £9


While the mention of the name Funko might instantly make you think of their Pop! line of vinyls, and while yes a Pop! vinyl might be a great Christmas stocking filler, I’d sooner recommend their Mystery Minis line. Available in a startling range of franchises including Nightmare Before Christmas (shown), Frozen, horror classics, DC Comics, Game of Thrones and many more, Mystery Minis offer a fun blindbox experience for new collectors and experienced hands alike. In every box will be a surprise, plus you can’t be blamed if the character inside isn’t one the receiver wanted! You can find a whole range of Mystery Minis here, but be prepared for shortages in stock. I anticipate these will be hot…

Between £11 and £50

1. Art &Toys book by Toykio £35


A book will always be a good Christmas gift- the gift of knowledge can never be underestimated. But what’s better than just a book? A book about toys! While there’s lots of books by toy designers full of great art, Art & Toys is a showcase of just how to collect and curate a world-class collection, as well as a chronicle of the hottest designer toys past and present. Chronicling the collection of Selim Varol, Art & Toys is sure to become a collector’s bible, and will be a much-appreciated gift for any collector. Get it here.

2. Little Liberty 6.5″ by Erick Scarecrow £24


With a spray can torch and pencil headdress, Little Liberty is a celebration of all things artistic and while I had a few toys I could have put here, I chose this one as I thought it combined a celebration of art and toys at a great price point for a gift. Standing at 6.5″ tall, Little Liberty is substantial enough to make a lasting impact too. No one would guess it was just £24! A perfect mascot for the studio of any arty sort, Little Liberty also comes pretty in pink for a more glamorous gift and will be cherished by anyone with an artistic bent, toy collector or not. Get it here.

3. My:Dwatch x Instinctoy £49


What better way to show your love of collecting by literally wearing your heart on your slee… well, wrist. My Dwatch by Instinctoy is a sharp, understated, handsome timepiece that’s perfect for anyone, not just toy collectors. It’s simple design with a stealthy leopard print band and colour flash numeral marks is perfect for man, woman or child and any Instinctoy collectors will be thrilled to open up their present this Christmas to see the classic Instinctoy packaging. Find it here.

Between £51 and £200

1. Apocalypse Grin Dunny by Ron English x Kidrobot £82


Ok, I mentioned this one in my article intro and I felt like I had to include it after such a big name drop. A sinister culmination of Ron English’s art and love of subverting pop culture, this vinyl vermin first appeared in 3″ guise in the Apocalypse Dunny series. This, the 8″ Apocalypse grin, is great gift for any counter-cultural Kidrobot collector or dirty Disney fan and there’s even the chance to find a super rare pink and white chase colourway! Apocalypse Grin is sure to become the centre of any lucky individual’s collection and can be yours here.

2. Lego Dimensions (PS4 and XBox One) £89.99

While it does require a PS4 or XBone to play, Lego Dimensions is a phenomenal gift with truly something for everyone (with a suitable console). Combining a toy and a video game, LD is as good as two gifts in one and the addition of a few carefully selected add on packs could transform Dimensions into a gift for literally anyone of any age. Lego Dimensions came out back in September, and you can check out plenty of  reviews online if you want to know more, or you can just take my word for it that LD is great and head straight to Amazon (or any reputable video game stockists) and pick up a copy now.

3. Sixth Scale Darth Vader by Hot Toys $299USD (£195)


Coinciding neatly with the holiday season this year is the release of the eagerly anticipated The Force Awakens, the next film in the Star Wars saga. I dunno, you may have heard of it. So what better gift to give someone than an incredibly realistic, foot tall Darth Vader? In reality, I’d love to recommend a character from the new film, perhaps Captain Phasma, but sadly the release schedule for the new TFA figures doesn’t guarantee delivery in time for Christmas (in fact the delivery windows range from December 2015 to May 2016) and what kind of guide would this be if I recommended items that weren’t available? I’ll tell you, not a good one. However, available to order right now is this startlingly detailed Vader figure- there’s no character more recognisable than Vader and no better gift for any Star Wars fan. Yes, Hot Toys are expensive, but it seems Sideshow know this and even offer finance! Handy! Oops, I mean “convenient”… Sorry, Darth. Head to Sideshow Collectibles to get yours.

Over £200

1. 20″ Dunny by Andrew Bell x Kidrobot £280


Technically the third creation by Andrew Bell on this list, this is the premier piece for Andrew Bell fans. In fact, the 20″ Dunny by Bell is so beautifully designed and finished its more than a toy, it’s a piece of art and would be a perfect pressie for any modernist man-cave or lady-lounge. A statement piece and a talking point at your thrilled recipient’s New Year’s party, you can pick it up here.

2. Kidrobot Labbit ‘Stache Stool €999 (£740)


The ultimate statement piece, the Labbit stool is a hulking behemoth of a thing that really is the ultimate level of lunacy for any fan or collector. Only the most dedicated will have a piece this significant in their collection and if you love someone enough to buy them a giant fibreglass Labbit they are a very lucky person indeed. Sure, there’s bigger, more expensive creations out there (like this giant Dunny), but as far as I’m concerned this is the ultimate gift for any collector cavern. You can get it here, complete with free shipping!

3. Sideshow Collectibles Arkham Origins Batman Cowl Replica £999.99


At £999.99 this piece of awesome is the ultimate gift in this list and at just under a grand its a hell of a gift  for any Bat-fan. Meticulously crafted and perched atop a Batcave themed plinth prepare to become the hero your gift recipient deserves. They can strut around doing Bat-things all Xmas day, or just marvel at the sheer and gratuitous coolness of a life-sized Bat-cowl forever more. I can’t say more than the picture can tell you of just how magnificent this thing is, and if you have basically £1000 spare and know someone who loves Batman click this here link and prepare to empty your bank account. Just don’t come complaining to me if your bank manager has you committed to Arkham! You’ve been warned!


And that’s all the gifts! I hope you found this guide useful and I’m certain that whatever you get your loved ones this Christmas it’ll be perfect, it’d just be more perfect if you got them something off this list 😉

If you liked this guide let me know in the comments section below, favourite this post, follow the blog or share wherever you like! All that’s left now is to wish you all a Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah and joy and plunder to all! Yarr!

Please note: this gift guide is not intended as a guide for children’s toys. All the recommendations made are done so as gifts for adult collectors, and most products in this list carry age warnings of 15 and up. If you are in any doubt whether the items on the list will be suitable for children please check the manufacturers’ website or leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks!


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