News- Double, Double, Halloween Trouble! Spooky news coming in twos! New Lego and Micro Anatomic!

Yaharr! Just when you think there’s something new worth reporting on, another announcement comes along and forces you to make a double post! Don’t get me wrong, I’m certainly not complaining! Plus, the releases I’m about to avail you of both share a few things in common: they’re both spooky, they both involve Lego and they’re both awesome!

First things first, perennial favourites on my humble blog, Mighty Jaxx are back with another iteration of Jason Freeny’s awesome Micro Anatomic. Yes, if you ordered any of the first wave of colours (like me) you probably haven’t even recieved your order yet (also like me) but MJ are back again with another sweet colourway just in time for Halloween.

This new colour features 7 colour print and a positively gruesome (if a bit piddly looking) GID anatomy half and, frankly, I think the addition of the printing makes this new colourway the best so far. The fact that the originals had no features meant that they didn’t quite have that full minifig look, but now they’ve resolved that issue this Halloween model looks perfectly like a scaled up and vivisected Lego-mon. As ever, this version is available through all the best retailers, you can get it direct here or fellow Britishists can get it at Collect&display. Obviously.

However, perhaps the bigger news this week is the newly announced (not leaked) info regarding the promised Lego Ghostbusters HQ (courtesy of Leg Godt)! Yes, it’s here in all its resplendent glory and sporting a (near) complete cohort of peoples and poltergeists. There’s the Ghostbusters themselves, obviously, but also Janine, Louis Tully, Dana Barrett and a selection of movie-featured spooks, including Slimer. If you’ve already got an Ecto-1 you’ll be all set to recreate all your favourite Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters 2 (notice the pink slime creeping through the pavement on the lower right) scenes!

Weighing in at 4,634 pieces and a purported $350 (£250-275) it’s definitely a hefty set made more for collectors, not kiddies, and this is also a fact backed up by the January 1st release date- no one’s going to be getting this one for Christmas, sadly, but really I’m personally happy to wait as this looks to be the most promising set I’ve seen in a good while.

As ever, I’ll be sure to update you with availability when I know more, but for now you can head over to Leg Godt to find out more.

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P.S. The title of this article is, in fact, accurate to the work I’m quoting. So don’t leave comments or email me that I got “Hubble, bubble, toil and trouble” wrong because it is one of the most frequently misquoted lines of Shakespeare save for “all that glisters” and is actually “double, double” not “Hubble, bubble” or any other variation. Anyway, bye!

Micro Anatomic image via Collect&Display 

Lego image via Leg Godt


News- Kidrobot’s Halloween Haul 2015


Did I scare you? No? I didn’t think so. I’m not very good at tricks, but if you’re looking for a treat instead of a trick you can check our Kidrobot’s new range of Halloween goodies! Yes, coincident with the forthcoming release of Brandt Peters’ “The 13” Dunny series, KR have released some pretty sweet Dunny, Labbit and DIY Munny masks to make choosing your costume this year that much easier.
I’ve not seen anything quite like this before, especially from Kidrobot, but if you’re planning on buying into “The 13” then these masks, particularly the Brandt Peters Dunny masks ( the Labbits are by Kozik) will make an excellent addition to a collection- no one’s saying you actually have to wear them this Halloween!

I think these are awesome and it’s great to see a variety of products on offer from Kidrobot. I feel as if they’ve been a little lazy in the last couple of years but I genuinely think 2015 has been strong for them and with the release of these, “The 13” and loads of other good stuff on the way they’re really powering to the finish. Personally I’d love to get my hooks on the Peters Pumpkin Dunny mask, but as yet I haven’t seen any availability in the UK and believe they are only available direct from KR. That being said, if you want one for Halloween, especially if you aren’t located in CONUS, I’d order right now! I don’t think I’ll be ordering one as I’ve already ordered my treat in the form of a Halloween Hugo from Collect&Display, but I know I’ll regret that in time and can sure recommend you get one while you can!

Anyway, that’s it for now. Kidrobot have quite a few awesome new products out; I’ll probably be posting more news very soon but it’s likely I’ll only be able to cover the products that catch my fancy since there’s just so many! Check back again soon for more, I’m aiming to post every day so I’ll most definitely have more tomorrow and, as ever, hit like if you like this, follow me for more and tell your friends, neighbours, dog and friendly neighbourhood spider-man all about it! 
Images via Kidrobot

Yarr, Spooky Halloween News-  Collect&Display Halloween 3.5″ Hugo & 1″ Geoff!

Avast Ye, me scurvy buggers and bask on the poopdeck in Halloween’s orangey glow with me! Yes, tis the season to be spooky and Collect&Display arrrr getting us in the mood with a special release of their mascot Hugo in 3.5″ resin form. This is the first 3.5″ incarnation of Hugo and comes complete with complementary Geoff pumpkin!

Designed by JC Rivera and crafted by Evan Morgan this 3.5″ Hugo is a pretty awesome little edition, looking resplendent in his tangerine form. Admittedly, this edition of Hugo isn’t quite as accomplished and well modelled as C&D’s 6″ version by Creo Designs, but I still think this edition is an awesome little Halloween treat, and I’ll sure be getting one. Well, if I can since there’s only 30 being made.

And that’s it, there’s not much more to say, really- I just had to share this little beauty. Recently C&D have been getting some awesome branded merch (like this awesome flatbill) and long may it continue, I say. As far as I’m concerned C&D remain the zenith of perfect curation and service and these new exclusives are sure to usher an age of amazing C&D booty. I couldn’t be happier to report this release and all if you need to do that if you want one is go here: Halloween Hugo.

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News- Jason Freeny Friendly Fire sculpture available for Pre-Order Now!

Ahoy! It is seemingly becoming a daily event (and no bad thing) that I can share with you the new release of a vinyl toy or figure and as we grow ever closer to the holiday (and convention) season I’m sure the releases will only continue to appear day by day. Today, more news from the good ship Freeny as perennial collaborators Mighty Jaxx announced they’ll be producing a polystone sculpture of his Friendly Fire original.

At 9″ tall Friendly Fire is a substantial piece and a fitting centrepiece for a collection. Limited to 200 pieces, it’s fairly exclusive too and while I can’t be 100% sure MJ make it seem as though Freeny himself paints each one. I don’t know if that’s the case, but being polystone means painting is a necessary process and it wouldn’t surprise me if each is in fact hand-painted, which is always a big-seller in my book.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but it seems like subverting the whole Disney image, with Mickey taking the most flack, is fairly de rigeur right now- between Ron English, that whole Dismaland thing, historical South Park and this (at the very least) I’m getting a little bored of the whole “Disney are evil” thing. I get it, we’re supposed to hate the big, evil corporation, but I’m just a bit over it, time for something new if you ask me.

Anyway, that’s just my opinion, and in any case if you’re the sort of collector already kitted out with a few Mousemasks, Apocalypse Grin Dunnys and other general Popaganda the Friendly Fire will fit beautifully in your collection. Plus, at $100(£65) direct from source or £90 in th UK it’s not a bank-breaker. 

If you want to know more you can check out the Might Jaxx sight here. I’m sur I’ll be back tomorrow with more, plus I have some new articles up my hooked sleeve so as ever, hit like if this article floated your galleon and check back again soon for more. Yarrrr!

News- Abominable Snow Cone by Jason Limon x Martian Toys Available for Pre-Order!

Ahoy! I bring more new news in the form of a confirmed sighting of a truly mythical beastie. That’s right, The Abominable Snow Cone has been spotted! I know you didn’t believe in him, I mean a 20ft snow cone? No way, right? Wrong! Because the fine crew over at Martian Toys have shrunk the timorous treat down to a 7-1/4″ vinyl form for our delectation. Yum!

Image courtesy of

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News- Lego 2016 sets leaked including Batman v Superman!

After a brief hiatus I’m back with news coming in courtesy of the wonderful crew over at The Brick Fan– several members on Eurobricks report stock images of sets from the 2016 line up surfacing on the Lego servers! It’s likely they won’t stay up long so head on over to TBF to see the full line up!

You may be thinking, however, “aren’t you just copying and pasting/sharing news from elsewhere?” (a.k.a Buzzfeeding?) Well, the answer is “not quite”. I’m not here to report on what you can find elsewhere, I wish to draw your attention to, and speculate on, one set in particular… Batman v Superman!


 If I had to guess, I’d speculate that this will just be one set in a range of movie tie-ins as, at first glance, it seems a bit small to be a standalone set (although Ant-Man only got one set and it wasn’t much bigger…). Sadly,the image is a bit on the small side too, but just look at that bat armour- so chunky! There’s so much else to like about this set as well, I mean check out Superman’s shredded suit, the bat-signal and that grappling gun straight out of Lego Batman! There’s a lot of Lego leaked in this recent discovery, but for me this has to be the stand out set, and considering the fact that there’s clearly an active and ongoing licensing agreement I’d be incredibly surprised if 2016 didn’t herald a full cohort of Batman v Superman Lego. Maybe even a Technics Batfleck-mobile (here’s hoping)!

As I’ve said, you can go here to read the full article and see all the upcoming sets (at least all those that’ve leaked) or check out Eurobricks to keep your finger on the pulse. I just had to share this particular set.

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Update: all the images of Lego’s leaked 2016 sets have been removed from the original posts and, while I’ve been a little tardy in doing so, I feel I should follow suit. It’s obvious Lego don’t want them shared prematurely so now we’ve all had a glimpse it’s time to settle back in and do some good old fashioned waiting. If you didn’t get to see the images of the leaked sets, well, you’re in for a treat but I thought it better to be responsible and remove the image I posted now rather than wait for a cease and desist to fall into my inbox. Here’s looking forward to 2016!